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Psychology Of Devils



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Who is Talkin?

We may think that we are talkin to a human bein, when, in truth, that expected human bein's consciousness may have been "shoved aside" by a devil, who determines how the person will feel and react.

Son:  "Ma, whenever you put Dad down like that, it makes the whole family to feel uncomfortably."

Devil in Ma:  "O!  I'm such a bad Mom am I?  I'm such a loser.  Only a stay-at-home mom.  I could have been a directrix at the hospital.  Instead I wedded your lazy dad and bore you."

 Here is What that Response Aimed to Do

  • Make an end of the conversation.
  • Warn son not to bring it up again.
  • Misdirect -- a sort of urgency was made, for the son to "manage Ma's (that devil's) response and feelins" -- rather than to continue conversin about the topic that the son introduced.
  • Belittle and be-bully the son and the husband.
Devils in High Spots

In order to get the right government, we have see to it that the blocks will be taken away.

One of the main blocks is the phenomenon of possession amon the entire counterfeit new world order.

Let's backen up, a moment.  Some point, that we need to realize:

There is an attempted counterfeit "New World Order" secretly led by the vatican, through secret witches' organizations, which include the leaders of freemasonry.

Those same leaders have risen to high positions, through secretive initiatory ceremonies.

The nature of those ceremonies has caused those leaders to become possessed by devils. Those men allowed themselves deliberately to become possessed.

There is an attempted genuine New World Order, led by me.  Outside of me, any order, organization, or infrastructure is illegitimate.

When we deal with cruel or twisted folks, and I have to include metal, punk, and rap fans, as well as those who have become sexually confused, we have to understand that they have become possessed or infested.  Therefore we must understand the psychology of the devils who possessed or infested them.

Owen Benjamin has said, "Demons are like faggy drama kids that love pulling strings and winding people up and just goin 'Heheheh look at 'im'". 

Here are some of the factors:

  1. When we talk, to a possessed person, the person does not answer us.  That devil answered us, spoke through the person.
  2. Devils must be assumed to be under the control of the head devil, lucifer.
  3. Get rid of lucifer, his children, and his stronholds, and all twistedness will end.
  4. Devils have blocked certain truths, in themselves.  They have blocked themselves, from seein some truths, namely those, that might make them aware ,of the horrible end, that will befall them, because of their bad doins.
  5. Devils, until we show, to them, a safe way out, have been afraid of lucifer.  They have been afraid to leave lucifer, lest he hurt them
  6. Some devils have left lucifer, after bein told of the protection of Prem Rawat.
  7. Devils would like to know that there is a better boss than lucifer, and that they will be protected if they switch.
  8. You can't tell them, about the protection, with sound, but with telepathy, unless you are a pwk, who is in The Knowledge at that moment.
  9. The telepathy has to come from your heart, not from your head.
  10. Prayin for folks in high places, who are possessed, ordinarily gives them more strenth to do badly.  If you are goin to pray, then pray for them to be replaced.  Don't pray that a serpent will behave like an angel, that is their decision, not yours.
  11. Devils cannot come into the material plane of bein, except by our will.  Therefore the mass media, operated by those possessed, have been workin magic on screens and in recorded sounds, so as to get the watcher or listener to unconsciously open the way for them.  Same way with children's toys, comic books, advertisin, cartoons, and so on.
  12. There is a barrier of fear-of-punishment by higher devils (or lower) if they listen to truth about how to repent, so that they will become somethin better than they are.  One can tell, to them, about the protection of the Lord for those who repent.  I have seen this done usin telepathy for devils who were not in the act of possessin anybody.  If you try to enter into a conversation through the hearin of the one possessed -- in other words if you are talkin to a devil that is possessin somebody, it is too easy for them to not listen.  In that case there is a phenomenon called "satsang" or "company of truth" whereby certain initiates who have put themselves into a conscious state automatically and without conscious intent say exactly what will cause the devil to listen for a moment.  The folks who can do this are those to whom Maharaj Ji of Malibu has shown The Knowledge of Inner Peace.  In Bible this is called "Baptism in the Name".
  13. Think of a constrictor snake.  He does not squeeze his prey to death, but makes smaller and smaller coils every time that the victim exhales, so that they cannot inhale afterward.  So is the state of a devil, his "inhalation" of light has been "constricted" by fear of the punishment, because he has associated with other devils and they have tuned in on their master, instead of upon us.  Thus he has become afraid of light or truth, and will "shout you down" every time unless he hears you talkin dark stuff.  Exception is up in #12 above, the company of truth.
  14. Their agenda is to collapse "the system" the institutions, so as to replace them with tyrannical slave state.  Alice Bailey has gone into enormous detail to describe the plan that they follow, with freemasonry bein the religion that they vainly hope to make global.
  15. Demons do not die, they are spirits.  Jesus didn't kill them, but sent them into the swine, and they used the swine to go into water.  Mayhap their head devil caused them to make a sacrificial killin of the swine.
  16. They know that their time is comin, to be sent to a state of horrid sufferin and darkness, but have been blocked from seein the way out of it.
  17. If you get too sympathetic there is a danger of comin under their influence, instead of your influencin them.  Don't be too cocksure.
  18. The "frog in pot" is part of the agenda, put into practice by those who have joined the opposite team.  So don't accept compromise, and once we have compromised, be sure to go back and un-compromise.
  19. Their whole "milieu" is stuctured, but they have been commanded to un-structure ours and force us into theirs.

2 Chronicles 19:2

"And Jehu the son of Hanani the seer went out to meet him, and said to king Jehoshaphat, Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the LORD? therefore is wrath upon thee from before the LORD. "

See, wrath will go to you, if you help the ungodly.

I like to look up the meanins of the Hebrew words (in the passage, above).

"Seer" is same as "Prophet"

Jehu = "He is Jehovah"

Jehoshaphat = "Jehovah has judged"

Jehovah = "Is"

Jehovah is from "Jah" = "Breath"

"Breath" is from a root "To expand".  "Brahmana" is from the same root.

Hanani = "Gracious, merciful"  "Comes down (as if) from above"